About Me

Facts about Faikakala (aside from the obvious)
  • I am from Samoa, I grew up there and I have many villages and even more names to attest to that fact.
  • My family recently moved to Hawaii, USA, but I have travelled the Pacific and lived in Samoa, American Samoa, New Zealand, and Hawaii previously. 
  • I'm an old soul. I’m 33, but some days I feel twice that age on the inside.  I'm also the life of the party, if your party is worth my time that is.
  • I spend my days raising two rambunctious, trouble making, attitude laden girls, and also trying to take over the world in the broad fields of Telecommunications and Marketing in my spare time. 
  • I enjoy breakfast, wit, and winning at life.
  • I despise excuses (mostly my own), decaf and frogs.
  • My name is Fotu, and no I don’t really want to hear from you unless you are offering me a book deal or a gig as a travel writer. In which case please email me on fotu.vaai@gmail.com
Last updated: October 17, 2017


April AKH said…
Talofa Fotu--this is very out of the blue! I just tried to email the gmail account linked to this blog and it bounced back. But this advert came around for a funded PhD opportunity on "Understanding Mobile and Social Media in the Pacific" and I thought of your MA work at UH.

Check the link: http://hastac.org/opportunities/opp-3-year-phd-scholarship-understanding-mobile-and-social-media-pacific

Hope I have the right Fotu (who studied at Vic ages ago, worked in telecommunications in Samoa, then studied at UH, and makes amazing panipopo ;)

Ia manuia,
April (Vic Uni)
Niki Dewe said…

My family moved to Samoa in April (even though were in NZ at the moment). I have just started a blog and have just come across yours so am yet to read your posts. I am Mum of two boys 3 and 1. We live in Apia and although you're in American Samoa I was wondering if you had any tips for meeting friends in Samoa. :)