About Me

Not that it's any of your business but here's a few things about me:
  1. I'm a 33 year old, Samoan (born and raised in Independent State of Samoa) married, mommy of 2.
  2. I'm currently living and working in American Samoa (of all places) in the hopes of getting paid more to do less somewhere in the field of Telecommunications and Marketing, hopefully at the top. 
  3. I'm enthusiastic about: breakfast (and food in general), wit, Success, love, vodka tonic, and rainy weekends in bed. 
  4. I'm not so hot for: stress, gory movies, and frogs (yeck!)
  5. If you must send me money, you can contact me at fotuofsamoa@gmail.com
Last updated: 18 Jan, 2016


April AKH said…
Talofa Fotu--this is very out of the blue! I just tried to email the gmail account linked to this blog and it bounced back. But this advert came around for a funded PhD opportunity on "Understanding Mobile and Social Media in the Pacific" and I thought of your MA work at UH.

Check the link: http://hastac.org/opportunities/opp-3-year-phd-scholarship-understanding-mobile-and-social-media-pacific

Hope I have the right Fotu (who studied at Vic ages ago, worked in telecommunications in Samoa, then studied at UH, and makes amazing panipopo ;)

Ia manuia,
April (Vic Uni)
Niki Dewe said…

My family moved to Samoa in April (even though were in NZ at the moment). I have just started a blog and have just come across yours so am yet to read your posts. I am Mum of two boys 3 and 1. We live in Apia and although you're in American Samoa I was wondering if you had any tips for meeting friends in Samoa. :)