About the Blog

Faikakala in Samoan means to talk about people's business and often behind someones back.  If my blog title were in English, it would "Gossipmonger".  In it's most basic form, it's what I'm doing on this blog, and it's what you're doing reading this. :)

I started this blog a long time ago for pretty much the same reasons I am still writing in it today - because I like to write. I bitch (a lot). I write for fun. I document things I want to remember. I reflect. I discuss. I get poetic. I vent. It's by far the longest diary I've ever kept. There is no greater purpose here beyond my own space to say whatever the heck I want, when I want. I write primarily for me, but if someone else enjoys it, well, you're welcome. By the same token, if I offend you, don't over-estimate your importance in my life and think I did it intentionally.

Thanks for stopping by :)

All views my own. Copyrights mine.