What excitement?

Day 13 of #30DayWritingChallenge is: Write about something you are excited about. More like, what excitement? 

Last night, all hell broke loose. Like in a serious way. It was utter bullshit. I am still hot damn pissed about it because ain’t nobody got TIME for that shit.

So today, I am still consumed with anger, I am struggling to find anything to be excited about.

Anyways, here goes nothing.
  • Tonight I’m taking the kids to their Softball Club Xmas party, they’re super excited. I’m excited for them.
  • My folks are coming in a few weeks. This should mean more help with the kids, more free time for me to able to pull my damn self together. I need to go away, so badly. 
  • I’m excited to fast forward to three months from now, I know shit will be vastly different. Because I will make it such. Yes, I’m excited for that day when all this BS is over.
  • Lastly, I'm getting myself the iPhoneX for Xmas, I am legit excited about that.
Ok, I’m going to stop there.  Let’s hope tomorrow has something other than angry panty madness in store for me.