So I'm playing catch up on my #30DayPhotoChallenge. Day 17 prompt was Technology.

Being the tech enthusiast that I am I wanted to be more creative with this one but this week has been epic levels of shitty, I'm out of time so I'm keeping it simple and based on the pics I took (which I did not take for the purposes of this challenge. Lol) I'm sharing how I used technology in my day.

Technology allowed me to read the outrageousness of how cold it is here at the moment. I get it, there are places way colder, I just don't care about that. It's Cold AF. 

Technology allowed me to make this slice of toast for my daughter which she took a single bite of before declaring she was done. It also allowed me to filter it and post it on social media because if it's not there, it never happened.

Literally the only pic I took from yesterday. Technology has so aptly captured the mood of the day.

Technology helped me cook this meal. today