Day 12 of the #30DayWritingChallenge is: List 5 blessings in your life. I kind of rant about my blessings all the time on the blog in my efforts to convince myself how great my life is, so instead I will list 5 Skills. 

New skills I’m discovering I have
  1. I took my own trash out this week, it didn't kill me.
  2. I changed the ink cartridge of my printer
  3. I changed the bottle of my water dispenser
  4. I arranged with a mechanic to fix the side mirror on my car I busted last week
  5. Living without FB. It's been 12 days, I don't miss it as much as I thought I would.

Old skills, I’ve been re-polishing
  1. Winning arguments. Don’t come for me, I will fuck you up. 
  2. Cooking and cleaning the kitchen at the same time. I am the multi-task queen.
  3. Being on a work conference call while helping Miss 6 do her homework at the same time so we can make it to Softball practise on time and don't have to try and do homework while she's dead tired after practise. This involves steady, strategic use of the mute button - so the conference call people don't catch any of my yelling. 
  4. Cooking a pork chop perfectly. (Season with steak salt, seared to golden perfection in a hot pan, and finished in the oven, let it rest for at least 10 mins. Best eaten right away) 
  5. Writing (furiously) as you can tell. I revisited an old book chapter I published years ago. It was not that interesting (lol), but I remember working to finish it and the sense of elation at having completed it. I'm thinking I need a real creative writing project to apply myself to soon.
Skills I need to work on
  1. Correct form when lifting. I've discovered I need to go lighter and get the technique down before going heavier in order to actually get stronger. Work in progress. 
  2. More discipline when it comes to work. I'm doing ok, but admittedly, below what I expect of myself. Pull up your socks, Fotu. You don't need someone else to tell you this. Just do it. 
  3. Not being ruled by my emotions. Be honest with yourself, and then do what you need to do. 
  4. Cooking kid friendly meals. I'm doing ok in this area, but it's still a hit or miss as to whether the kids will eat what I make.  There's more waste than I'm happy with. I want them to love my cooking and rave to all their friends about it. LOL 
  5. Patience. I literally have to self talk myself every day to stop myself from doing something drastic like booking flights (again), running for the hills or burning down the house. Sometimes the only way out is through, a day at a time. Which is too fucking slow for my liking, but note to self: Bitch, that's life. Suck it up.