Patterns | Animal | Strangers

Catch up posts for the #30DayPhotoChallenge.

As usual, I didn't take pics for this challenge, these are just pics from my phone from the last few days.

Day 23 was Patterns

This delicious pattern was a sponge cake made by the one & only kuaback. Aside from being a beautiful badass, homegirl bakes too!  

The pattern I wear on me. Also the pattern of my messy bed amongst the raucous of trying to put the kids to sleep.

I tried this old lady dress on today. I liked the pattern. I know it looks low key like something from Manu'a store, but it's actually Calvin Klein. lol

Day 24 was: Animal

My daughter and I met this pretty puppy today. She is a cross between a poodle and some other exotic breed of dog. The owner, an old palagi man, told us she was a gift to his wife from a Buddhist monk in Thailand. That's a long trip for a bitch to make. 

Day 25 was: Stranger

I loved this painting that I saw at Koa Pancake House in Wahiawa, I find the haunting beauty of this strange girl mesmerizing.  The painting is textured giving it depth, and I have always liked portraits of beautiful island women.  I tried to look up the artist expecting to find him on the Internet but I didn't. I guess he remains a stranger too. 

This is just a pic of chairs in my garage. Lol One morning last week, after cussing my way down the stairs because we were late, I walked out to a garage filled with strangers engaged in a Jehovah's Witness prayer service in my garage! Strange is one way to describe it. This morning, we left on time so we saw the chairs but not the strangers. Lol 

I sometimes catch strangers in my gym selfies. Check sis in the back here. Lol