Opportunities to improve

Day 26 of #30DayWritingChallenge is: Write about an area in your life you’d like to improve.
I feel like so many of my posts in this challenge have been on this topic in one way or another, I’m low key sick of it. Anyways, here’s a few more things I’d like to improve:
  1. My technical knowledge. I’m clearly more adept at words and people and I know enough technical term and concepts and BS strategies to find my way around a room full of engineers, but I’ve considering getting a technical degree so I can out-tech the engineers as well. Lol. 
  2. The variety and creativity of my mommy daughter activities. We do fun stuff, and my favorite thing to do is talk to them, but I want to do more crafty and creative stuff. My brief foray into the Stay At Home Life has me realizing how much better I could do this, and how much more fun and beneficial it would be for the kids to do stuff like make paper mache ornaments, learn about sea anemones at the beach and build a tree house with me.
  3. Baking. I love cake. I should learn to make it. I mean I can make a cake out of the box, but because I am stupidly competitive I would never consider myself a baker unless I actually make the most amazing, from scratch chocolate cake in the woorrlld. I do believe, I would slay this, because whatever I touch turns to gold. Or decadent, moist chocolate ganache as the case may be. Also because I am all the way too sure of myself. Lol
  4. Optimizing my workout. I’m used to barely planning my work out. The decision to actually step out of my house was good enough. I’d go for a run, that’s it. But I’ve slowly incorporated weights, using different apps, and I’ve started to pay attention to my body to try and build a more balanced workout that is optimized to maximize benefit based on how my body is feeling that day and what areas need rest or work. Some days it more cardio, other days more weights. Don’t be fooled, I am still extremely amateur at this, but I am enjoying discovering I can control it and improve. The word I like to use is mentalize.
  5. Giving myself validation. This is basic, and I preach on it all the time, but I need to improve doing this on my own.