Movies I love

Day 14 of #30DayWritingChallenge is post your favorite movies that you never get tired of watching.  I've seen a lot of movies, many I've enjoyed one time. These are the ones that I've seen at least more than 10 times.

The Lion King. I recall watching it for the first time and feeling everything in the possible spectrum of emotions as a kid. The sadness and desperation when Mufasa dies, the slapstick funny of Timon and Pumba, and the music. From the opening “Naaaaants ingonyama…” Circle of Life track, to Hakuna Matata, to Scar’s Be Prepared, to Can you Feel the Love, so many good song in that movie.

The Shawshank Redemption. Is there a more beautiful film? The story, the one liners, the dry brainy humor, the realness of the friendship between Red & Andy, and the moment of redemption at the end. The story is so good, it unravels so gently and comes together full circle so tightly in the end. It’s written and told so brilliantly, that is the type of writer I want to be. I literally want to watching this movie now posting this.

Titanic. I mean, sort of. I don’t watch this all the time, but Leo Dicaprio was kind of hot when I was a teenager, and I do think he’s a better actor than he’s been given credit for. I mean, no Oscar? Really Academy? In Wolf on Wall Street, he was pretty damn good too. I was there for the hype when it came out and Celine Dion was number one for what seemed like forever.  So even now, when I start watching it, I usually end up watching it through see her let him die an icy death.

The Sound of Music. Childhood staple. We had this on VCR. I’ve seen it 500 times, easily. I know every word, and I still watch it like the ending will change. Julie Andrews is a class act, and Christopher Plumber, I mean, come on. Are there men like that in real life?

The Parent Trap.  Yes, the Lindsay Lohan version. Lol Judge me, I don't care. Lol. This was before she became whatever she is now. To her credit, she was a great child actor.  I don't know why, but I love that movie.

Home Alone. One of the best Christmas movies out there. I don't know why but I find it funny each time I watch it. Lol. Another that I watch and need to see the ending because I've not seen it 50 times already. 

True Lies. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jamie Lee Curtis were so good in this movie, and the story is one of those "only in the movies" scenarios that just cracks me up. Also she slays her transformation from housewife to hottie. Lots of laughs, and a happy ending, sigh. 

Ok, I'm sure there's more but I'll end this list here.