Manic Monday

Day 15 of #30DayWritingChallenge is "Bullet point your whole day."

You may have noticed, I love a good bullet point list. The attributes of a good bullet point list are that it is concise, to the point, and brief.  This list is none of those things, lol, This is lengthy and drones on about my boring day today. If you read this in it's entirety, you the real MVP. Lol. #SorryNotSorry. So here it is, my Manic Monday.
  • 12am – 2am: Senselessly awake randomly surfing internet (mostly Twitter). I watched the second half of “A Christmas Prince” on Netflix (watched the first half a few days ago with my girls. It has a disgusting fairytale ending that leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Finally drift to sleep. 
  • 6.45am - 7.10am: Woke up late (usually up at 6). Rushed 6 year old to brush teeth & get ready. Made oatmeal for (sleeping) Miss 2 (Miss 6 eats breakfast/ lunch at school), braided Miss 6's hair, checked her homework, packed her snacks. 
  • 7.10am - 8am: Carried sleeping Miss 2 to car to drop off 6 year old to school. Came home with Miss 2, fed her oatmeal, got her dressed and ready for play date with her frenemy, baby To’a. Shower and get ready myself for a 9am appointment in town.
  • 8.00am-9.00am: Dropped off Miss to “play date” which I have her going to in preparation for when I start new job. She’s asking me a million and one questions and asking to come with me to my appointment. As usual, she opens her lunch bag and eats half her snacks in the car on the drive.  I end up promising her new Paw Patrol shoes #NegotiationFail. After I drop her, I’m stuck in Honolulu traffic for 50 minutes on the drive to my appointment, which I’m already late for. I listen to some of the morning shows on the radio and analyze which of them would make sense to advertise on. Lol 
  • 9.10am-10.00am: I’m 10 minutes late to my therapy appointment. I got a new therapist and I decided to go alone, because clearly there’s a lot I need to get off my chest as I ponder the destruction of my life as I know it. She asks me some thought provoking questions, and I leave feeling that today’s session was productive, we set another appointment for next week. Afterwards, on my walk to my car, I walk into Pay Less shoes and they have Paw Patrol shoes on special so I get them for Miss 2. I buy a coffee and get ready for more traffic.
  • 10.00am-11.00am: I’m stuck in Honolulu traffic, on the drive back, my sister and I FaceTime about my therapy, our crazy parents, and what she feels like eating today. I fuel up my car at Costco on the way back. 
  • 11.00am-2.00pm: I do some quick chores, eat salad and leftover chicken and pisupo, and I start working in preparation for a 2pm conference call. I’m in the zone and I get lots of work done today, while remaining annoyed at my messy house I can see in my peripheral vision, but today work takes priority. I have cups of coffee, gulps of water and a protein shake while I'm working.
  • 2.00pm-4.00pm: I have the conference call. My 6 year old comes home from school during the call. She wants oatmeal. I cook it for her and I help her with her homework while I’m conference calling. I issue action items from the call and schedule another call for tomorrow afternoon. I check Miss 6’s homework (a few corrections, a bit of yelling about neatness) and then get her ready for softball practice.
  • 4.00pm-6.00pm: Pick up Miss 2 from “play date” and we head to Miss 6’s softball practice. I’ve registered her for next year and hand in her paperwork today. I watch her practice while keeping an eye on Miss 2 who is playing with the other little sisters, the other Mom’s and I chitty chat about the shit weather and the Christmas party last Saturday. I notice that Miss 6’s game is improving. I take a deep breath, and remind myself it’s only her first few weeks in her first season ever of softball. Give the girl some time to be MVP. Lol.
  • 6.00pm-6.20pm: Drive home from Softball practice, I yell referee the girls who are yelling at each other in the car. Our little ritual is that we have McDs on Softball day, so we go through drive thru and pick up 2 Happy Meals. I am tempted to order a Big Mac and resist today. #Refocus
  • 6.20pm-7.00pm: While the kids eat their food, I eat (leftover salad from earlier today, and leftover chicken from yesterday) and I quickly, run the girls a warm bath and get them inside. FaceTime with my sister while the kids are in the bath, we laugh about randomness. I break up a number of fights in the bath.
  • 7:00pm-8:30pm – Miss 6 wears PJs that Miss 2 wanted, there are tears. Sigh. I'm relieved when Miss 2 likes the idea of wearing another of Miss 6’s new PJs. She runs out the door and says, “I’m going to go and tease her!” Lord help me, I’m raising mean girls. Deep Sigh. I lie on the floor of the girls room when they are finally out the door for all of 5 minutes before my 2 year old comes to find me and asks me why I’m “hiding”. Lol. The girls watch “Word Party” on Netflix on the TV while fighting and getting along at the same time. I do some cleaning and check work emails. I work on the blog for a bit
  • 8.30pm-9.20pm – I make the bed and clean my bedroom. I tell my 6 year old she can watch her show (Troll Hunters on Netflix) until 9pm. My 2 year old wants to go to bed, she settles with her blankets, Peppa Pig, Branch (the troll) and YouTube on my phone. I shower get into PJs. When I come out, Miss 2 is running around looking for "Mysteries" around my bedroom.  I hope it tires her out. Lol. It's 9 so I send Miss 6 to bed, with a loving, "you better be asleep by the time I get there!" My OCD won't let me sleep without cleaning so I clean my house and restore it to some semblance of clean.
  • 9.20pm - 10.00pm I chat in bed with the kids. Miss 6 reminds me she has a field trip the next day and we discuss what to make for her lunch. She falls asleep in anticipation of the upcoming day out of school. I spend the next half an hour getting the other one to sleep before falling asleep myself. I'm asleep by 10pm. It's a miracle.
  • Ok Monday, it's a wrap.