Lessons for my children

Day 21 of #30DayWritingChallenge is: What 3 lessons do I want my children to learn from me?

There's 2 extra but extremely necessary ones listed.
  1. Believe in yourself, you can do anything. My darlings, you need to know that you are strong and powerful beyond measure, and you have it in you to make anything happen and be anything. If you want it, you can do it. Never let anyone make you believe otherwise. 
  2. Success is loving yourself, what you do and how you do it. Children, never measure your worth against standards of other people. Take advice, listen to others and learn from others, but decide for yourself, what is good enough for you. Know you are good enough, and what you do and how you do it is good enough. 
  3. Hard work, failure, conflict, and difficult situations are a part of life. My dears, the truth is life can be hard sometimes, many times. You have a choice, you can let them break you, or you can let them build you. Don’t run from the fire, it will always find you. Face challenges that come your way, even when you don’t want to. If you are humble enough to allow it, they will ultimately strengthen you and enrich your life in ways you don’t expect. 
  4. Pray and be grateful for God’s grace. If you’re like your mother, you don’t deserve it, but God’s grace will show itself to you when you least expect and deserve it. At my expense, I sometimes forget this, but you should never forget that. 
  5. Believe in & build things greater than yourself. Love. Family. God. Friendships. Happiness. Team Dreams. Build and work for things that are greater than yourself, they make life worth living. The Manu Samoa don’t deserve your loyalty, they will let you down again and again. But love them anyways, the bastards, even if it's from a distance. 


kuaback said…
failure, Conflict, difficult situations = life lessons that will make you kick ass women just like your momma xo