Kick ass

Day 27 of #30DayWritingChallenge is: Conversely, write about something that is kicking ass right now.

It’s been the year of getting my ass kicked. It’s been the year of facing fears in just about every aspect of my life, career, mom life, marriage, health, self care. The truth is, I’m just grateful this year hasn’t killed me, not yet at least, there’s still 2 weeks left in the year.

Anyways, let's give this a whirl. Things that are kicking ass right now?

In spite of all my bitching and complaining, I can say that there are wins amongst the absolute fuckery of 2017. What’s going well.

1) Fighting fear and fighting for what I deserve. Being crazy stupid decisive enough to say, you know what, this is not serving me or growing me, I need to go. And then to go ahead and do that which terrifies me is something I’ve done this year. That in itself is a win, and it’s given me the resolve to keep doing it.

2) My fitspo. It’s all relative of course, I am kicking ass in this area compared to my usual supremely lazy, cake-addict, vodka for lunch, lush self. I’m healthier today than I’ve been in years, I’m also more consciously taking care of my body now than I have probably ever in my life, even when I was an athelete. All that said, I killed a caramel cookie skillet today. #NoRegrets.

3) My sister is kicking ass. If you know her, this won’t surprise you (after all she’s my sister) Lol But this year, she left a well paying, very promising career in London and moved across the world back to New Zealand because she decided it was time. She moved straight into 6 figure job in NZ, bought her second home, just a small $1.2 million 5 bedroom new build in a swanky South Auckland suburb. Now she’s getting ready to give birth to her first baby early next year and she is already slaying 2018 with that big ole stomach of hers. She extra, and yes, she’s basically the definition of kick ass.

4) My children. My six year old is improving so much in school and in sports, and my two year old is wittier than most grown ups I know. Lol. So grateful that they are healthy, happy and kicking ass, even if is my ass most of the time.