In my bag

Day 20 of #30DayPhotoChallenge is: Inside my bag.

My handbag has reduced in size over the years, as I've realized that the bigger the handbag the more receipts and useless crap you end up carrying around. I actually have a big handbag of useless stuff that is in my bedroom that I don't carry around. The only thing that I actually remember is in there is my kids passports. This is basically what I carry around now which has only essentials, cash, cards, checks.

In actual fact though, I carry with me at least these 2 bags as well. Lol

My 2 year olds Paw Patrol backpack which has a change of clothes, kids jackets in case they get cold, wipes, snacks, water, a medical kit, etc. What's missing here is her separate lunch bag that she insists on taking. And I usually carry another bag for groceries, that I'll use to carry gym gear, work documents, my laptop, or the kitchen sink or whatever else I'm carrying that day. See, down sizing! Lol

Also, I think I want a new handbag for Christmas.