Highs & Lows

This is my last post for my #30DayWritingChallenge and the prompt is Highs and Lows for the month. This challenge has been cathartic to say the least, I’ve clearly already said a lot about my highs and lows throughout this month so I will try to keep this brief.

This month’s lows.
The low for the month, and in fact the year has been facing the absolute crumbling of my personal life.  I had no idea that subjecting myself and my family to a whirlwind of change would result in revealing cracks in my career, marriage, family life and sense of self, and then bursting them wide open.  This has involved having some extremely tough discussions about the past, present and future, and also coming to terms with my own mistakes and holding others to task for ways they've failed me. And lucky for me, we're not through it yet.

This month’s Highs.

The past month has been tough, and the future can only be better as a result.  The high for the month is that I stayed alive, and the kids have stayed alive and relatively happy through the above. This is in large part to reflections shared through this challenge, and the support of the realest family and friends. As the year closes, the highs are:
  • I have officially resettled in a new country, and if I decide to, may possibly move again. This was a massive gamble. But we're here, in one piece, and with prospects and options. 
  • A new job with new opportunities for growth and better pay than old jobs.
  • I am healthy. I feel good, and I’ll just say it, I look damn good too. Apparently for me, it takes a breakdown to get your sexy back.
  • I’m mentally stronger, more aware of my own shortcomings and what I want in this life. More willing and able to demand and fight for this. 
  • I'm okay. I'm good. 
SO, what's next?

I am considering a hiatus from the Blog. There's been sufficient oversharing on here for a hot minute. (I see y'all) Time to digress, I think. We'll see. 

So I wish you nothing but love, and a Happy Holidays, fam, and may 2018 be your best year yet! 




Anonymous said…
Merry Christmas Fotu! Guilty as charged with the following lol.. Sincerely hope 2018 brings more happiness, peace and lots of prosperity for you. Big hugs for Lili and Idania too. Love you heaps, Nique xo