Good Habits

Today's #30DayPhotoChallenge is: A good habit.

Here's a few from my day today:

 1. Eat Well. Boss was in town so we did lunch at my fave Japanese spot in Waikiki. Shokudos! I made healthy choices today. 

2. Try new recipes. I felt like eating beef some new way, so I decided to find a recipe for low carb beef stew (thank you Pinterest) and made this today.  I varied the recipe a lot based on what I had in my fridge but, I've been patting myself on the back all day for it because it tasted amazing. Lol. 

3. Appreciate beauty, even on the dark days. Especially on the dark days. Took this on my walk to the gym. So pretty. 

4. Eat iron, if you can help it. Rested yesterday so did Leg Day and Chest Day today, because why not?

5. Love hard. Find you someone that loves you this much.