Today was my first day at my new job. I listened to Kendrick Lamar’s “Be Humble” on the drive in, to prepare myself to be ready for anything. It was different from what I’m used to, I knew that obviously it would be. Bigger place, different lay of the land. It’s the same industry but different market, different segments from the ones I’m used to focusing on. The company is going through a merger, which is ironic because I just left a merger to join an even bigger one.

Something I found quite strange today was working in an environment where you don’t know everybody. I was introduced to a bunch of people but it was clear that you don’t even know everybody on your floor let alone in the company of 1300+ people. That’s quite a change from knowing just about everybody in the company and sister company by name, and knowing their families and seeing them at church, at the grocery story, etc.

I can see the job will challenge me in new ways than my old one, and I am excited at the prospect of stretching myself to see how well I can do in a role where I won’t have the convenience of having complete authority or being everybody’s boss to lean on, or end to end control of the budget, strategy and basically everything to play with. It's easy (for me) to be a kick ass when you're the boss, you call all the shots and you can fire people you don't like. Let's see how I fare having to deliver results having to learn much more technical products, and motivating managers that don't report to me.  It’s a role that can grow me in ways my old one couldn’t, which excites me as I see it as an opportunity to promote myself to a new level/ side of bad ass. If I can do this (when I do this), it will make me a more well rounded CEO or President of the World, ya feel?

And truth is, despite the differences there were plenty of similarities. Same products, same challenges of lack of communication between departments, same mix of old employees fixed in their ways and same hotshots (mostly sales people) circumventing processes, same marketing campaign flows and moving targets to chase. As new and different as it is, a lot of it feels like home and I feel I can get comfortable quickly.

So the note to self: Don’t fuck it up. Fai mai e a, Kendrick, Bitch sit down. Be humble. Also note to self: Bitch you better fuggetup!

One thing that I am a little worried about, is the impact of me starting back at work full time is going to have on the family side of things, particularly the kids. I left work today at probably the earliest I’d ever leave and I got home at 6.30pm and both my kids rushed to give me hugs and then immediately proceeded to express their annoyance with me, “Mommy what took you so long?” “Mommy I thought you were going to pick up me!” “How come you didn’t visit me today, mommy?” I can also see how quickly the household work is going to pile up with these hours, let alone the energy levels I’ll have left after working them. I ain’t tryna wait til this falls apart (again) so I’m thinking through how to tackle this and properly set myself up for success on all fronts.

So! Back to this #30DayWritingChallenge post, Day 29 is: what are your goals for the next 30 days?
  1. To slay the new job I started today. They say they’ve been waiting for me but they ain’t ready for me. Lol 
  2. To sort out more support for the kids and myself through this. It’s working ok right now, but I need to reinforce it so I can ensure the kids are able to do well in school, sports, life as they know it and the rest of it. 
  3. To stay healthy. Need to figure out how I’m going to get a workout in amongst all this. Need to stay sane and prioritize self care because when mommy is stressed and not happy, basically, the world ends and everybody suffers. And ain’t nobody got time for that. Also this might mean I will actually have to meal prep. Ugh. 
  4. To maintain the balance of slaying the career front while also raising well adjusted, happy, future world leaders that can clean their own rooms, and to stay fulfilled in my own damn life while doing 1-3.  If there’s anything I’ve learnt, it’s that I can and have given myself to some parts of my life at the expense of other equally important parts which resulted in lower overall happiness. Balance is the word for 2018. 
  5. To do me and give zero fucks and tolerance for BS while doing it. If it doesn't serve you, grow you or make you happy, leave it behind. Deuces. 
  6. After the fuckery of this year, I just want to end the year in peace with at least an ounce of joy, and have a Merry damn Christmas. Can a bitch please have that, 2017? Fuuuuuh. 

Come at me 2018.


kuaback said…
you will slay this new job just like you do with everything else in life. You got this. go get 'em girl xo