Day 13 of #30DayPhotoChallenge is: Cannot Live Without

I'm taking this opportunity to post all my meals from this week because, aside from the fact that I literally, cannot live without food, I'm sure you're tired of pics of my kids. Lol. Also, side note: Not that you care, but I'm tracking my weight and progress here.

Thanksgiving leftovers & bok choi

Eggs, sausages & turkey, bok choi

Peanut butter & celery sticks. Turkey & sausages with onions. Steamed Bok choi

Turkey soup, Sausage & Bok choi, boiled eggs

Low Carb burgers. This was my first time making these, they were damn delicious.

Pork chops & veges

Pork chops & steamed veges & pumpkin salad (I know, veggies two ways, so extra. Lol)

Salmon & Caesar Salad. So good.

This chocolate cake was amazing. It came with this berry compote and whipped cream. Ugh. So good. I also can't live without these 2 brats.

I failed at ordering "clean" food during this meal. Lol