First Love

Day 19 of #30DayChallenge is to Discuss your first love.

Well obviously my first love is a toss up between cake and vodka. But if this refers to relationships with boys, then I've already said it. If you dig deep enough into this blog, it’s all here.

I’ll just say it was a tough lesson in accepting less than I deserve, and being enough all on my own. I’m not sure I’ve learnt this lesson thoroughly enough given recent events, but that’s what comes to mind when I think of this topic.

It was a girl who stupidly helplessly chose a boy who seemed flattered (even surprised) at the attention, but ultimately was not willing to choose her in the same way. The same “if it’s meant to be it will be” attitude that continues to rear it’s ugly head at me, even now in my old age.

Hmm. Reflections are funny aren’t they? When you think you’ve grown, and you realize that maybe you’re still just a silly girl in some ways.

Anyways, about that first love, I’m glad it happened, I’m more glad that it eventually ended. 

Maybe, I'm still looking for that "first love" type of love. And perhaps the lesson is to know that you give that to yourself.