Dear Santa

Day 23 of this #30DayWritingChallenge is: Write a letter to someone, anyone.

Given that 'tis the season, I’m taking my inspiration from my 6 year old’s letter to Santa. 

So here's mine: 

Dear Santa,

I’m going to be honest, I’ve been bad this year. I let a lot of people down, I’ve been more selfish than I have in a long time, and I have complained basically all year long. 
 At the risk of sounding like I'm making excuses (I am) in my defense, this year has been excruciatingly shit to me. So anyways, besides the fact that you are a stupid white people's tradition that does not actually exist, I’m fairly certain that you would find it entirely too brazen of me to even write to you and ask you for anything this Christmas. All that said, here’s my list, don’t forget anything on it.

Things I want for Christmas:
  1. Calm in my heart. Can all this bullshit, please just be over? And my problems go back to being what I want to eat today and who I need to resist firing today?
  2. Please give my children strength, happiness and may they know they are loved so much this Christmas and always. If you only give me one thing on this list, give me this. 
  3. Forgiveness. I don’t deserve it, and I can’t even give it to myself, but let me just leave this here and pray by some miracle that I one day deserve it, and receive it. 
  4. Focus. Remind me what’s important, and make me give my energy to it. The kids. The job. Remaining strong. 
  5. iPhone X. I’ll get this myself anyway, but if you give me one, I’ll take it. 
  6. I know I might never get this, but I want that earth shattering hug that will just melt me, and renew me. I suppose the fucking dumbbells and plates will have to do it for now, right Santa? 

That's it. Now get the fuck off my lawn. 


kuaback said…
I'll give you a hug next time I see you...won't be earth shattering but it'll be better than the iron...chooohooo..