Day 17 of #30DayWritingChallenge is:

Write about your zodiac sign and whether or not it fits you.

Now, if you know me, you’ll know I assign a little too much meaning to my horoscope. There have been stretches of time in my life when I read my horoscope every day and tried to relate it to my life. Lol! I think the reason is that astrology as just another framework to help fulfill my insatiable need to understand the world and it’s peculiar people. I'm sane enough to know that it's all a bit wishy washy. #Science, right? Now that said, I will completely judge you based on your star sign. Lol.

As for me, I am a Capricorn. I’ve always identified as such. I would consider myself fairly typical of Capricorn sign, particularly the following traits.

Know it all.

Is this me? In a word, Yes. I would consider myself all of these things in varying doses.

The element of Capricorn is Earth, which means I am naturally “grounded”, traditional in my views, and very focused on the material world. Is this me? I guess, I like nice things, ok? So sue me.

Capricorns are Paternal signs, the Father sign of the zodiac so we embody and value strength and power, over the more nurturing and caring maternal sign types. Is this me? I mean, I guess? I do think my energy is more powerful than lovey and caring. I've been called intimidating, bitchy, mean, all these adjectives that I don't find at all offensive. #shrug. But I would consider myself more well rounded than that. Contrary to popular opinion, once you get to know me, you might discover that I'm not completely devoid of heart.

Many moons ago I discovered that I was a “cusper” or a person born on the cusp of two signs. I am born on the tail end of Capricorn and the beginning of Aquarius. The Internet says this makes me a “Capriquarian” and I share below some of the extremely scientific, peer-reviewed findings about these strange capri-creatures.

See? I'm well rounded. 

I've always felt a bit contradictory, being that I have this rigid, success or die side of me, but have always felt that I was a creative person as well. I'd consider myself social butterfly/ life of the party and then there are days when I want to indulge in my struggling artist tendencies and sit on the beach alone and write for hours about the damn sunset. 

One thing this description has right, is that I definitely am not dull. Who has time to be dull? Lol . But on the cusp of mystery and imagination. That's a bit much. Lol Vivid dreams? Don't we all? I mean, what's life if you can't picture it to be better? To see is to believe is to make it happen! 

Alright that's enough star sign hog wash :)