30 Facts

Day 18 of the #30DayWritingChallenge is: 30 Facts about myself

As if I don’t post enough self indulgent crap on here. It’s been a long day, so you’ll just have to take the shoddy quality of this post. Here it is:
  1. I am 33 years old. People have always thought I was older. Must be the wrinkles. 
  2. Being a mother is by far the toughest job I’ve ever had, because literally lives are at stake, and you can’t bullshit your way through it. There are so many ways I need to do better at it. 
  3. I directly associate food with happiness. I've learned recently that it's my "sugar bugs", this does not deter me in the least from wanting to eat what I want to eat. Lol. This explains my weight woes over the years. 
  4. From first grade, I went to school with a bunch of palagi kids, and it taught me that they’re just as dumb as you are, they don’t know more even if they act it. It’s been one of the most useful and enduring lessons from my formal education. 
  5. I’ve lived in Samoa, American Samoa, New Zealand, Hawaii, USA. 
  6. I believe in Science, God and the unexplainable all at the same time. I believe there is room for all because humans are a little smart, but mostly dumb. 
  7. My greatest fear is the fear of failure, although in my old age, I am growing out of this. What terrifies me the most now, is when I see my negative traits in my children.
  8. I have always wanted to be a travel writer because it combines my primary loves of writing and travelling. Basically I should just always be on vacation. 
  9. My favorite poems are: “Identity” by Lemalu Tate Simi, and “You, the choice of my parents” by Konai Helu Thaman. 
  10. I haven’t watched TV in over 3 months. I don’t particularly miss it. 
  11. When I did watch TV, low key ashamed to say I was addicted to the damn Real Housewives, because it would help me escape the crazy ass drama of my actual life. She crazy AF, but I’m #TeamNene. 
  12. I love sports and wish I’d kept playing after University. The height of my “career” was playing for Samoa at the South Pacific Games. I played shit, and then put my career ahead of it and moved to American Samoa where everyone is allergic to sports. 
  13. I was a nerd, one of the popular girls, a jock and Class President in High School, but I had no boyfriend. LOL
  14. I moved out of home at 16, and never looked back. I’ve visited often but the most I’ve spent with my parents since then is 3 weeks. 
  15. My cardinal sin is gluttony. Because I always want to eat all the cake. And because I shamelessly indulge in that which I want which is usually bad for me, be it cake, alcohol, crushing opponents, or getting my way. 
  16. I’m an extrovert (Surprise!) and I derive energy from other people. I usually dominate group projects. I think I've softened and become more adaptable due to parenthood and failure, but those are still my primary tendencies. 
  17. I consider myself very perceptive about people and situations, and am generally a quick study. I would go so far to say that “reading people” is one of my superpowers. This is also called being a know it all and sometimes jumping to conclusions. Lol 
  18. I like to be right, and I’m fiercely competitive. Generally, I’m not gracious in defeat, and if I am (I always act the part) you’re dying a slow death in my mind and I still plan to crush you in the next game. It’s a silly habit, but I can’t shake it. 
  19. In University, my friends and I once crashed a party, caused a fire (I was cooking sausages) which set off the fire alarm and caused the entire 8 storey building to be evacuated. Woopsie.
  20. In high school I loved alternative music. Low key still do. Lol
  21. Rugby Crush: Joost Van Der Westhuizen #4eva.
  22. My middle name is Franisha. My mother combined her two best friends name’s Frances and Lisha. The trend stuck with me. My daughter’s name is a combination of two family names. 
  23. I never had a childhood birthday party. My younger siblings had big parties for their birthdays. I don’t know why but this is just one of those things I will never let go. #GrudgeMuch? Lol 
  24. Some of my favorite restaurant meals are: The Pork Belly at Paddles, the Bacon & Cheese burger at Seafood Gourmet, the Saturday soup at Pinati’s, the Slammin’ Saimin at DDW, the molten lava cake at Chilli’s, the macadamia nut pancakes at Boots & Kimo’s, the Honey Toast dessert at Shokudo’s, the rib eye steak at Ruth’s Chris, Lobster Mornay at Vaimoana. I could go on here, obviously. 
  25. I dyed my hair for the first time at 33. And I did it twice in the same year. 
  26. I believe in the healing power of tequila shots, deep tissue hot stone massages, a good laugh, hugs, a swim in the ocean and more recently, lifting weights. 
  27. I have a malu. I have always wanted one. I got it when I was 30. My dad was my biggest supporter for me to get it. My mother hates it. Lol 
  28. I’m the eldest of four siblings. My sister and I are the crazy ones. My two younger brothers are the level headed, nice ones in the family. 
  29. I think the dichotomy of democrats vs republicans in US politics is outdated, overly simplified and naturally divisive. I’m not a Trump supporter, but I would say my views are more republican but I agree with some liberal policies. 
  30. I have a hard time choosing a favorite color because different colors for different moods, and also they all look good on me. Lol 
Ugh. Done.