This week in pics

This week has been a ton of absolute fuckery. As I clutch at straws to find silver linings, I'm posting some positives here in a vain attempt to, you know, see the rainbows through the bullshit rain.

I hiked with the kids, carried this lazy kid on my shoulders again. She's getting way too comfortable up there. The fresh air, the friendship with Ms Kuaback, and the wide open sky were beautiful.
Good hair day. Always a win.

I met my goal weight this week, which was bitter sweet. Ok, it was mostly sweet, but not as sweet as a slice of cake.  

Indulgent mirror selfie. 

Saw my beautiful friend, Thirza (and her partner Anthony) from home. Being with people from home feels like home. 

A decent pinot always deserves some limelight.

Everything was superb, especially that little pastry roll up there with the sesame seeds, it was stuffed with pork and was just perfectly flaky and buttery and crispy. It basically tasted like a happy childhood. So fucking good.

These desserts were to die for divine. Mango, Mascarpone & Chocolate. 

Post dinner selfie, because why not?

My kid's first softball training. She had a blast. 

A major fuck up this week was accidentally erasing all my shit from my phone. Long fucking story. Anyways, what surfaced when I finally wiped it and installed my last back up was my phone was a time capsule back to 2013. Before Miss 2 was born, and Miss 6 was an only child. These pics were from a simpler time. 

She's following my example of spending copious amounts of time in the fridge. 

I was 30lbs heavier, I was still cute. LOL

She's still a rascal.

Also still a poser.

I've been Pinteresting like a MF, which is how I procrastinate deal with stress. This pull is a vain reminder to keep on. Chill! I mean, it's only chaos. How bad can it be?