On the eve of Thanksgiving, I offer, a list of things I am grateful for:

1. Not getting what I wanted, but instead getting what I needed. Painful as it’s been (and is), it needed to happen, even if I couldn’t give it to myself then. It’s given me the opportunity and courage to give it to myself now.

2. The time I’m spending with my children. I am more involved and engaged in their lives today more than ever before. They are happy, hilarious and amazing little monsters humans, and the daily discoveries of new things they do to drive me crazy or make me proud/ laugh are what I live for.

3. In spite of all my bitchy, ugly cry blogs, I feel stronger, more beautiful, settled in my own skin, and like “myself” than I have in a very long time.  This is everything.

4. Support of family and friends. They’ve been amazing. More than I deserve. Grateful for love, understanding and acceptance of my “people” in spite of my many mistakes and misgivings.

5. God’s grace. Despite what atheists will say and as distant as I’ve been, I know His grace is constant & unwavering.