Spooky stories

Lili, some of her friends and I carved a jack o lantern at her school earlier today. I went along as a parent volunteer to her class to help the kids carve pumpkins.  It was fun, and I tried my best not to micromanage the 6 year olds and other parents. Lol.  The other parents in our group and I groaned as the teacher made us count the seeds in the pumpkin, like every single last one, you'd think the kids were doing algebra or something. Anyways, our pumpkin had  501 bloody seeds. We brought the pumpkin home and lit it while we told bedtime stories tonight. Before bed, the following convo happened:

Miss 2: Mommy the jack o lanterns are scary.
Miss 6: Yea, mom, I’m freaked out.
Me: Ok, shall I take them outside while we sleep?
Both girls In unison: NO! Leave them! 
Me: Lol, okay weirdos.

Tonight, at bedtime, the kids and I told spooky stories for Halloween. Everyone took a turn telling a scary story and as with most things in this house, it’s dramatic and entails me breaking up a fight. Lol

Miss 6’s story was an elaborate tale of a kid named Jack that killed off every type of Halloween creature before eventually getting bitten by a vampire and becoming one. It ended with Jack having a son, named Jack. (Okay?) Her story had some very interesting bits like, she repeatedly made the point that Jack, the main character had no parents, which she said was super cool! (okaaay). Also, interestingly, after he became a vampire, he liked to feast on the fat, juicy legs of 2 year olds, all said with a wry smile looking at her little sister. (Lol, okaaaay!?).

Miss 2 told a spooky version of Goldilocks where Goldilocks goes into the bear’s house which is now a haunted house and gets the scare of her life, which she actually liked. Lol. Most of her story was spent telling her sister, “Be quiet! It’s MY turn!”

I love their imagination and their confidence to create their own stories. After 2 very energetic stories, I announced that their stories were awesome enough and I wasn't going to tell a story and was time to sleep now. Besides, dealing every day with these kids trying to get them to be decent humans and dealing with other nightmare parts of my grown up life, without coming completely undone is a daily spooky story!

But because nobody listens to me, the kids begged me to tell a story.  As usual, it would be too much to ask for a simple request, my older one (big scaredy cat) begged for a happy story while my two year old wanted a spooky story so we ended up with a Goldilocks remix that included a haunted house inside which everyone lived happily ever after.

Happy Halloween!