Pet peeves

Day 3 of #30DayWritingChallenge: List 3 of your pet peeves

List three of your pet peeves:
  1. Misuse of their/ there/ they’re and basic grammar errors like that. It’s not that hard, just learn it, guys. 
  2. Clothes left on the floor next to laundry baskets. Like, they were 30 centimeters from where they belong, you couldn’t put them inside? 
  3. When people don’t say thank you, or please. It’s not always necessary… actually, yes it is. It is. Say the words. 
  4. This is a former pet peeve but: I used to hate eating in the car, I would make everyone wait til we got home to eat their fries from Maccas (my car, my rules). And then I had kids and my car is basically a mobile restaurant now. I don’t leave the house without snacks in my glovebox. Lol