Friday Nights in #MomLife

Day 5 in #30DayPhotoChallenge. Prompt is: "After Dark"

Friday night, the kids and I are Netflixing in bed. Here we are watching Disney's "Hercules". We watched "Coco" at the movies earlier today. It was a super cute movie, I cried a bunch of times. Stupid Disney movies always make me cry. 

We are joined in bed by Miss 2's current bedtime toys of choice: Moana Plush blankie (the teal & orange one), Peppa Pig (with the yellow wand) and blue toy car. Excuse my blah face. It's been a shitty afternoon, I'm tired AF but my 2 year old took an epic nap this afternoon which means, we'll be up a while.  

My 2 year old is at that age where she loves spooky stuff but she's scared of the dark. We had the following conversation, tonight and basically every night. 

Miss 2: "Mommy, are there no ghosts in the dark?"
Me: There's no ghosts.
Miss 2: "What about zombies?"
Me: No zombies, either.
Miss 2: "No monsters or witches?"
Me: "Nope, none of those."
Miss 2: "Are there any Frankensteins?"
Me: "None. I love you."
Miss 2: "Ok, mommy. I love you. Can you tell me a spooky story now?"

These are the "after dark" adventures in my life, of late. 

Good night, world.