Childhood Memory

Day 10 of #30DayPhotoChallenge. Prompt is: Childhood Memory. 

Some pics from the archives.

I wrote in a physical diary before I threw up all my feelings in this blog. 

17 years old, at the beach. Always been on the chubby side. Always been meauli. Lol 

Favorite beach in the whole world. Vaisala Hotel Beach. I swam here ever since I can remember.  My siblings and I would walk here from our house and swim from sun up to sun down. 7 days a week. 

21 years old, staring at the sunset at my fave place. I've always loved sunsets, particularly the ones on the West Coast of Savaii. 

I just like this pic. :) Taken at my grandpa's house in Savaii on a really shitty video camera I owned when I was 16. 

This pic is taken at the old Asau Wharf in Savaii. I went here all the time as a kid. I once fell in looking over the edge, I would classify it as a near death experience as I literally thought I was going to be eaten by a shark. 

I just realized every one of these pics is taken in Savaii which is appropriate because my childhood in a word is: Savai'i.