Changes to come

Day 7 of #30DayPhotoChallenge. The prompt is: Changes to come.

Changes to come. I’m not sure exactly what they are and what they look like except I know for a fact they are coming, and all at once. I am trying to be brave and face head on the uncertainty, and tumult that is already abound and bound to escalate.

I am the self appointed captain of my life, but lately, my whole world has been turned upside down which has humbled me to accept that I cannot control everything and even when I think I have it all together, I can still fuck it up. Despite how “put together” I try to be, I am as faulty and prone to fucking up as the next human, but ultimately what defines me is who I become as I result of the shitstorms I created and go through.

That’s the bottom line. You either face the changes to come, and improve from them, or you make excuses to stay the same.

Today's attire \ It was on clearance \ Note to self