5 ways to win my heart

Day 6 of #30DayWritingChallenge

Five ways to win my heart

A couple of things about this list. Firstly, this is a pipedream/ wishlist/ "Do unicorns exist?" list, but I really don't care ay, let's just put this out into the universe shall we? Secondly, there are 2 extra things here because, I'm extra. Lastly, we assume my heart is worth all this effort, for the sake of this post, let's just assume that it is, ok? Lol 
  1. Understand me. Listen to me and acknowledge my point of view, even if you don’t agree. To know me is to win me over. You’ll know when I need a kind word, a grand gesture, a kiss, or to be told to shut the fuck up, and you give me what I need. Smart conversation, real growth, real connection is what makes me tick. 
  2. Make me laugh. Humor is sexy as hell. My type of humor is wicked wit, puns, inside jokes, smart ass comebacks that really showcase your brains and lets you appreciate mine.
  3. Enjoy food with me. Indulge my ridiculous obsession with food. Let’s go eat. Let me order/ smell/ take pics of/ taste/ eat off your plate.
  4. Let me be the boss. I’m not your Stepford/ wallflower wife, I generally seize control of many things I do, just let me, I’m good at it. Let me do my thing, and make sure I know that you have my back as we take over the world, because that’s why I’m on this earth.
  5. When I need it (which is more often than I care to admit), put me in my place. Tell my stubborn ass the things I need to hear, please. And when you do, be kind about it. Because if we’re gonna be mean, trust me, I will win, then I will burn down the house, and leave your ass in the ashes. 
  6. Win my family over. They are the closest reflection of who I am, if they like/ love/ dislike you, it says a lot. The truth is, I always make my own decisions and if I love you, they will ultimately love you, but if you win them over, you’ve won me over.
  7. Be amazing all on your own. You are your own person, you take care of yours, you have your own goals/ life/ people/ loving relationship with your family. You don’t need me, but you choose me.