So, my self imposed 30 day Facebook purge starts tomorrow. As an investment in my creative genius, I've decided to try and do more on the blog, aside from bitch about my life. This is my safe space, where no-one comes anyway, and so I'll try to do some actual creative things in here, and see what comes of it.  I have no idea whether I'd stick to this, but let's see how we go. If I finish this, it will put me right into Christmas, and hopefully launch a more creative, positive me into the new year.

First a photo challenge:

And secondly a writing challenge

My rules of these challenges are: 
  1. To try and be consistent.
  2. Try to have fun with it, but put in some effort, Fotu. Quality posts please.
  3. If I don't like the topic (or the rules) at some point, I get to change it to whatever I want. 
Here goes #30DayChallenge