Weekends in #MomLife

It’s Sunday morning, everyone is groggy. Yesterday was a full on day with the kids. We went to a Pumpkin Festival. Halloween is my kids favorite holiday so they were beyond excited. When I asked Miss 2 what she wanted to see at the festival, her eyes lit up and she said, “I want to see a creepy jack o lantern!” The sun was ruthless yesterday, and we spent much of the day at the Pumpkin Fest chasing shade. Sadly, there were no creepy jack o lanterns, only creepy clowns selling balloon animals. There were also carnival rides, food booths, and hay rides through the pumpkin farm. The kids had fun, and nobody got a heat stroke luckily.

Took the kids for a dip in the neighborhood pool late in the afternoon. This town association this is pretty neat. It gives us to 7 rec centers around the area with pools, tennis courts, playgrounds. I am listing them so the girls and I can tour them and find the best ones.

Miss 6 and I bought all her school supplies in the weekend. This list was so long and specific, I felt like we were shopping to renovate my kitchen or something. Who knew that first graders must have Pentel brand block erasers and, Sharpie brand ultra fine permanent black pens (quantity 6), and a pencil box with the dimensions 5’ x 11’ x 2.5’, among 100 other items. She better learn a shitload with the stationary haul she’s taking with her.

With all the driving we’ve been doing, I’ve become reliant on GPS because I legit have a terrible sense of spatial awareness. I’ve discovered, I hate city driving almost as much as I hate city drivers. What’s with the all the one way streets, Honolulu, gummon! Someone invent teleportation already. My GPS settings are on the (correct) UK metrics system (kilometers and meters) despite that my husband (and all of America) think in miles and yards and other nonsensical terms. We have missed more than our fair share of turns as a result. My level of petty is to say: Use yours, or learn the correct metrics system.

This morning, as soon as Miss 2 woke up she told me she wanted pancakes, eggs and bacon for breakfast. Well ok, Miss Thang. Coming right up. It would be my children to achieve what my parents and husband have failed to do which is to send me to the kitchen. Lol. You better eat every bite of this meal, little girl. You're lucky I'm about weekends and #MomLife.

Happy Sunday, world!