This week in pics

Sunsets steal me, every time.

Went to the damn playground what felt like 158 times this week.

For the first time in a long time, I bought a new pair of ridiculously uncomfortable shoes completely on a whim. I wore them, and they hurt like hell. Old age, hey! Lol 

I've had to be creative about what to eat trying to stay on this damn no carb, no sugar train I'm currently on. This week I've been working away from home so by "creative" I mean, I have had to search harder on restaurant menus, and I can't order dessert first. This meal of egg soup & char siu was quite satisfying. Not gon' lie tho, I was dying for some kalo, and maybe some luau pipi. And a slice of cake to follow.  Lol 

I almost cried when Lili got her book order forms this week as I have so many memories of ordering books as a kid. I was way more excited about it then she was as I explained that I used to order books too and she can choose what she wants! "Hurry, choose!" She chose a Minecraft Magazine and a National Geographic mini encyclopedia set on Sea Creatures, which low key impressed me. #RaisingNerds 

Bathroom selfie because skin! Have been changing moisturizers because none have been agreeing with me and finally found one that I am living for. Thank you Jessica Alba for creating Honest products. 

Met up and hung out with other grown ups this week. This was a sober night out. I don't even remember the last time I was out past midnight sober. I missed the tequila, but still thoroughly enjoyed this night. Verily.  

My effort to tire out the girls took us to the zoo. As I was trying to take this pic, my younger one was highly annoyed with me and is saying, "No pics! I want to see the zebra, mom!" Sorry then. #NoPaparazzi

I ate this. It was amazing.

I ate this too. Fucking soul stirringly amazing.

Not that you can tell in this pic, but I brushed my hair on this day (totes post worthy) annnnnd, I made my bed this day too. I know, I'm basically slaying life.