Nostalgia & Vanity

I discovered an old selfie album with, oh only 450 pics of myself. Lol These are all pre-American Samoa era and I haven't looked through them in years.  Apparently, I fancied myself a photographer taking and curating pics of random shit on my shitty cheap brand digital cameras over the years.  It made me reflect at where I was in the different pics, and I can recall how I felt at that time in my life in certain pics. Party pics, studying pics, bored dorm room selfies, hungover selfies. I want to post the memory I have from some of these, just because I feel like it. Also, I miss how great my skin looked a decade ago!  

Ignoring the books and gawking at the surf(ers) at Kapiolani Park with Kelvin on a Tuesday morning. 

Dorm room vanity

So excited to be drinking Vailima in Hawaii, on this night. Lol

This was at a gay bar in Waikiki, with my gay guy friends because they're fun AF and because I was sick of stupid, useless straight men at that point. On that night I was basically cornered by the butchest of lesbians. My gay guy friend had to come into the girls bathroom and save me. Lol!

Completely hungover but not wanting to waste the natural sunlight in my room that Sunday morning.

The time I cut my own hair and gave myself bangs. Lol Never again. I'm like 22 in this pic?

A pic of my chubby unemployed feet on the powder soft sand at Vaisala Beach in the morning on a week day when I was jobless, aimless and loving it. 

On a work trip to Savaii in my first job at SamoaTel. I was way at the bottom of corporate ladder and loved it. All I did was drive, eat and drink in my work puletasi. Love when work was that simple. 

Spent the afternoon with my palagi, vegan classmate Erik at "Down To Earth" a vegan supermarket. Completely bored and hungry so I took selfies of my reflection. Lol

I was arguing debating with friends and they tried to take a pic of how dedicated I was to winning the argument.  Of course, I won the argument, and I won in this pic too. Lol 

Drunk and breaking campus rules outside Imin Center because Young, dumb and broke and nothing better to do. #NoFaiai

The time I had braids and a mega tan from back to back beach trips. Beach trips where basically the story of my life during this decade Lol

I remember this night with cousins and randoms at a weird faraway karaoke bar. Clearly, I was feeling myself this night. Lol And I'm cringing at my white shoes!

With Albert Einstein. Lol #BlardyTurist

Polo Samoan excited to see the White House

Reflection in the Vietnam Memorial. Low key artsy. Lol

Immediately prior to this pic, I had basically spent days in the sun on the beach with a friend from Germany baking like I wanted melanoma.  Hence how wonderfully black my back is. Also I was wearing Tav before it was cool. Lol  

I don't know why I was so obsessed with sunlight on my face. Lol Low key fia artsy. And High key dorm room vanity. This pic gives me skin envy.