Getting to know me survey

As I finally finish stupid work fodder for the night, I again face the question which constantly plagues me which is what is sleep? what is the meaning of life? And the all knowing Internet produced this survey which it promises will solve all my problems. So here it goes.

1. What activity in your life lights you up with joy?
Easy. Spending time with my children.

2. What is something you always love doing, even when you are tired or rushed? Why?
Same as 1. And probably eating cake. :) 
3. If a relationship or job makes you unhappy, do you choose to stay or leave?
If I am unhappy, I will try to convince myself that I am not unhappy first before I ultimately leave.

4. What do you fear about leaving a bad job or a bad relationship?
I fear hurting people in the process.

5. What do you believe is possible for you?
Anything I put my mind to. That which I follow through on.

6. What have you done in your life that you are most proud of?
Their names are Liliuokalani and Idania.

7. What is the thing that you are second most proud of?
The relationship I have with my siblings. We are great friends.

8. What kind of legacy do you want to leave behind?
That I was of use. That I raised strong daughters.

9. How does your being here in the universe change humanity for the better?
I will hopefully have raised amazing human beings that will do good in the world.

10. If you could have one single wish granted, what would it be?
A guaranteed happy life for my children.

11. How comfortable are you with your own mortality?
I ain't tryna die tomorrow, but I accept that it could happen. So I’m ok with it, I guess? Lol

12. What is your highest core value?

13. To your best knowledge, how do other people perceive you?
“That bitch” Lol. An achiever.

14. How would you like others to perceive you?
A good person.

15. How confident are you in your abilities to make decisions for yourself?
Confident enough. I bitch a lot about difficult decisions, but I ultimately make them.

16. What is your biggest self-limiting belief?
Self doubt. Ha! Lately - Selfishness.

17. Who is the most important person in your life?
The kids.

18. Who is your greatest role model?
My parents. They are everything.

19. Who is a person that you don’t like yet you spend time with?
Don’t we all tolerate a few people because we have to?

20. What is something that is true for you no matter what?
That there is something bigger than me in the universe, and my family will always support me.

21. What is your moral compass in making difficult decisions?
Professional decisions – Always, do what is right. Others have to live with it. Personal decisions – I do what is right for me. I have to live with it.

22. What is one failure that you have turned into your greatest lesson?
There are too many to mention and I still fail daily. The lesson is probably that failure is ok, it means you’re still trying. Try harder!

23. What role does gratitude play in your life?
It always gives me much needed perspective and humility. It helps me to simmer down, and stop being so dramatic.

24. How do you feel about your parents?
Depending on the day, extreme frustration or lots of love.

25. How is your relationship with money?
A work in progress. I’ve improved, but I’m still working on being a billionaire.

26. How do you feel about growing old someday?
Totally ok with it. I consider it a privilege!

27. What role has formal education played in your life and how do you feel about it?
I have lots of it, thanks to my parents hinging their love on it. I feel grateful for the opportunities it has opened up for me, but I feel its just a piece of paper. I know plenty of people with degrees and empty brains.

28. Do you believe your destiny is pre-determined or in your hands to shape however you wish?
It's in my hands. Occasionally things happen that make me wonder if this shit is cosmically ordained, but generally, it's in these two hands.

29. What do you believe is the meaning of your life?
You live your best life, and then you die.

Thanks for tuning in to Procrastination Station for the night. Til next time.

Good night, world.