500th Post! Closure, career & kids.

The therapist turned out to be not as terrible as I envisioned. Except for the fact that he told us in the first half hour that we are already at irreconcilable differences. I immediately felt ripped off. Aren’t you supposed to give me the recipe for us to have a fighting chance? I mean, really? That’s it. I left, losing faith in humanity and more resigned in my view that therapists are losers, or is that therapy is for losers? The jury is still out, still no closure as our future teeters on the edge.

In other news, I got offered a job. The money was not bad but because I am worth extra, I told them (nicely) that I want more money, so I now await whether they will call my bluff. What excites me most about it, is the opportunities to climb, I can see the path so clearly and I can already visualize myself blazing through it. That’s of course, if I haven’t ruined my chances by demanding the world, upfront. As I tend to do, but fuck it, I’m worth it.

The big kid is almost set to start school next week. She is beyond excited. I am excited to have one child out of the house for a couple of hours in the day? Is that bad? No, didn’t think so either. I’m excited for her get engaged in extra curricular activities (you know, Latin classes, ballet, hula halau, competitive swimming, classical piano, etc.) I hope she takes to some of it, because as my child, you have a license to be amazing at everything you do. No pressure. Hurry Up. The End.

Little kid is starved of stimulation. If anything she needs the extra curricular stuff more than older kid. At two years old, she can hold a full on conversation with grown ups. She is witty AF, and she has boundless confidence. Most recently evidenced in her hilarious specificity about whether or not you deserve to be her friend. I’m working on how to soften her up a bit and make her less of a mean girl without stripping away her glowing confidence which I love so much.

We have finally settled a long, painful legal dispute that I have been embroiled in since last year. I won’t bore you with the disgusting details other than to say, I am relieved am walking away with a decent enough outcome and can finally close an extremely painful chapter for myself and others. I hope the closure in this matter is going to be a catalyst for me to find some closure in other areas and make some of the other difficult decisions that lie ahead!
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Also - (even though nobody else cares) this is officially my 500th post on this blog. So much blabbing!

Send me good vibes, world! 


Tia said…
Sending you lots of love, hun 😘💕
jenn said…
ahhhhh....love you :)
Goddess said…
awww, congrats on the job and yeah woman, you're amazing!
All the best to the poor therapist looool .