Sunsets and sunrises

I’ve been up for the last hour, working on the balcony, in complete darkness except for the wind and the light of my Macbook in face and the roar of the ocean all around me. The words and the work are flowing, like fucking finally. I’ve been at a bit of standstill with it for a minute. Who knew I needed a seabreeze in my face and the background noise of the ocean crashing to dislodge the writers block? Too fucking extra. Note to self: Pull yourself together and get on with it, woman.

So I’m waiting for the sun to rise, and I realize I’m on the west side of the island which is ideal for sunsets, but perhaps not so much for the sunrise.

Last night’s sunset was pretty epic. On that #nofilter #luckyweliveHI level. No wonder people use that dumb hashtag. I still think it’s dumb, but how can you not use it when the orange of the sun bathes the entire sky and ocean as it dips into the horizon? Nature is amazing.

I mean FFS, right? #hearteyes

I see a few lights coming on in the distance, I guess people are waking up. I'd better get more work done. Let’s see how this sunrise goes.

Good morning, world.