We’ve barely had a coherent conversation.

As we sit in silence.

Our eyes betray us.

As they speak volumes.

Of pain and compromise.

Of being questioned, just for being who we are.

Of unintentional, yet unavoidable hurt.

We go through the motions.


“Building this future”

Each wrapped in thoughts.

But neither speaking.

Both knowing.

Both wondering.

Is this stress?

Are we growing through this?

Or have we finally broken each other?

Both of us afraid to utter a word.

Silently protesting, not ready to give up.

Are we opposites that complete each other?

Or are we just, strangers who loved each other?

My truth and words cut you.

Your truth and ways leave me feeling alone and cold.

Neither intentional.

Both just being who we are.

Are we growing through this?

Or are we just sitting in silence.