Just finished some work that has been doing my head in the last few days. It was like pulling teeth to start, progress and finish, and I’m pissed at myself because I am usually far more productive and efficient. I am feeling disgustingly rusty, and to make matters worse, I am giving way fewer fucks these days which means the usual things that motivate me (the fear of failure, the weight of the world, savior complex) are not working their usual magic. Dramatic much? Yes, and IDGAF #Extra

ANYWAYS. It’s done. Thank fuck.

Problem now is: it’s 12.30am and my brain is wide awake. Mostly in frustration that that took me so long.

Note to self: A rusty bitch is a basic bitch. Can you just stop wasting time agonizing and just go forth and slay. Please? Ok, good talk, now go and make me proud you badass!

So what does one do at 12.30am besides give myself overdue peptalks?

Well, not sleep obviously. Rusty bitches don't deserve sleep.  I am resisting the urge to complain some more. Excuse me while I bite my fingers.

Maybe a glass of wine would take the edge off. Or a cupcake. It’s quite possible, that all this healthy eating I’ve been doing has affected my productivity owed to the fact that my tastebuds are just generally not satisfied. Makes total sense.

That’s it. I’m eating a cake for breakfast. You know, for the rust.

Good night, world.

I feel this way about you, cake. Stop starving me.


Tupe Crawley said…
hahaha >.< Rusty bitches dont deserve sleep lol