NZ Elections

So it’s election day in NZ today, after the trauma I suffered following the US election, I have not been following the NZ election lead up, aside from reading the shade being flung from left to right on NZ Twitter. It’s clear though that the country is undecided about its future and there is an increasing divide in political views of people inching (or leaping) further right or further left. My very in depth analysis is derived primarily from the fact that in my family chat group, it’s apparent that everyone in my family in NZ is voting for a different party. And each person is fairly passionate about their party. Reasons for voting one way or the other have varied from:

“I watched the debates and I don’t like the leader, she seems like all talk and she doesn’t offer any real solutions. National is responsible for the strong economy NZ has, Labour will just screw it up again”

“Typical of rich people to vote National. We should vote Labour! The divide between rich and poor is getting worse. She’ll see when her son is born” (Lol!)

“Go Maori Party! You have the balance of power to govern for the next 3 years.” (This was my Dad, and it left me confused too. Lol)

Probably the best reason for their vote, came from my 6 year old whose school held “Kid Elections” to educate the kids about voting and the various parties. She said she voted for the Green Party. When I asked why, she said, “Because there’s a man in the Green Party who has the same name as my Dad. And I like Green.” Lol Good enough.

Based on this deep analysis of party policy from Kiwiblog, I'd totally vote for Lisa Simpson too.

Get out and vote, Kiwis!