Movement is movement.

The morning has been productive, a welcome change to my recent apathy concerning work. Not that I haven’t been working, I just haven’t had the enthusiasm or passion that I’m used to having about it. One minute I’m drowning in it, the next I’m thirsty for it. That stupid balance is so hard to find. I do feel it, that I am moving towards the right balance, even if it is an inch at a time. I guess, movement is movement. Better to have it than not at all.

We’re in a house finally, in a nice enough neighborhood. Thank God. The house is nicer than I thought we’d end up in after visiting no less than 30 houses in the last 2 weeks and dying a little each time I saw how cramped/ old/ noisy/ far away each house was. I gave my 6 year old a tour of the house and she approved, except when I showed her her room and she said with innocent surprise, “Mom? Why is my room not full of stuff?!” Lol Because I have to buy it, chile, give a bitch a minute will ya? I said, “I have to get your beds” She responded with a demanding, “Ok, and I want flowers on my wall.” Lol Damn kids. They're impossible, but I miss the brats.

The next mission is bringing the kids and most importantly the babysitter across, which I am squarely focused on now. I may need to bring the girls here ahead of the sitter, which is inconvenient but probably necessary for my sanity. And let’s face it. My sanity is in short supply, of late.

The one thing I have been scarily consistent with lately has been working out. I joined my local gym which is within walking distance of the house. I visited and got suckered into a membership, which despite my skepticism was actually pretty good value. The kicker of course with these things is that you actually have to get off your ass and go in order to claim your value. So much easier said than done. My regularity going to the gym has had my family giving me strange looks and making mocking comments like, “um, you’re doing this fitspo thing for real, aren’t you?” Lol I mean, really? Is that so strange? As usual, thanks for the support, fam. Lol I’ve been to the new gym twice and it is full of… skinny people wearing brand new, matching Under Armor gear who look like they should go home and eat a Big Mac. I’m by far the biggest person in Pump class. Which is only a little awkward. But it’s a good thing, IDGAF. The only thing thicker than my thighs is my skin when it comes to fakeness. Which, there’s a fair bit of at this gym. I’m sure I’ll get to know some of them and not change my mind about them later.

The way my body works is, that my “fitspo” comes in waves, when I’m in, I’m all the furiously in. And when I’m out, the extent of exercise I’ll indulge in is getting in my car to drive to Maccas. Or picking up my phone, to tell my husband to get my usual order. And don’t forget the extra Big Mac sauce. So the way I see it, I just need to ride the wave as long as I can, because inevitably, the Big Mac sauce always gets me in the end.

Just like the passion for work. It’s all there until its too much, and then its gone and I’m missing it. Why must I live my life in extremes?

Oh well, movement is movement. Now to work on the direction.


kuaback said…
movement is movement hunnie. Go get 'em. You got this.

BTW - so which gym did you join? I saw the 24Hr by Ross. I wasn't tempted to go in but at least I know there's a gym around the area bhahahah
Fotu said…
Girl, that's the one I joined since its a 5 min walk from my house. Come join me roll my eyes @ the skinny people. Lol.

Vaai se aso e ke avagoa ai ka o ka hike... and then we'll do brunch after! Lol