Maui musings

In a random, beautiful turn of events, we are in beautiful Maui for the weekend.  It sure is blissful here.  It's the perfect place for me to be this weekend. Far away. Quiet. Breezy. And surrounded by ocean. And alcohol.

We've only been here a few hours, and it's given me a sense of calm and chance to reflect (which I do far too often, but as you know, IDGAF)

The grind to settle into Hawaii has been, as expected, stressful, exciting, a whole series of heightened emotions that are exacerbated by the real life threats of having nowhere to live, and having not a very clear idea of what the future holds.

That said, we could be doing worse. We have some good housing options in the works, the immigration paperwork is on track, and the work side of things is, well still there at least.  I am having to adjust my expectations of how much house I can afford in this country compared to what I've become accustomed to.  If you know me, you'll know I don't deal well with not getting everything I want.  Anyways, I am constantly reminding myself that this is about "we", and not "me" (sulk).

Speaking of "we", I sure do miss my kids. The truth is, the air kisses from my 2 year old are the only salve for the unexpected bitterness of this transitional chapter I find myself in.  The girls are happy, and healthy and sassy as ever, so I'd do well to count my blessings.

As I'm sitting here sipping a beer, writing, the sun kissing my face, enjoying the ocean breeze and view of Moloka'i in the distance, how can I not be thankful?


kuaback said…
You definitely needed that Maui getaway and glad you went. Can't wait to catch up with you