I hide you

I hide you in my poetry, amongst my truths and darkest secrets.

You’re hidden in my dreams, in my hopes and alternate realities.

You’re in my laughs, filling my memories with banter and inside jokes

You stealthily invade my thoughts, and stay deep within my soul.

Even now, you hide within my tears, caressing my face as you spill on to my cheeks.

I hide you, in my most inner and safest parts, I keep you.

Because, I can’t let you go.


Anonymous said…
You come clad in your fine mats and tapa cloth
Your brown skin bursting with fresh perfumed oil
Your eyes shining like stars in a clear night
YOU, the choice of my parents.
You will bring them wealth and fame
With your western-type education
And second-hand car.
But you do not know me, my prince
Save that I am first born and have known no other man;
I fit your plans and schemes for the future.
But you cannot see the real me
My face is masked with pretence and obedience
And my smiles tell you that I care
I have no other choice

The priest has left the altar now
And the dancing has begun;
I see myself dying slowly
To family and traditions;
Stripped of its will and carefree spirit,
Naked on the cold and lonely waters
Of a strange family shoreline
Alienated from belonging truly.

I love as a mere act of duty
My soul is far away
Clinging to that familiar ironwood tree
That heralds strangers
To the land of my ancestors
I will bear you a son
To prolong your family tree
And fill the gaps in your genealogy.
But when my duties are fulfilled
My spirit will return to the land of my birth
Where you will find me no more
Except for the weeping willows along the shore.

Konai Helu Thaman