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So it’s happening. I’ll leave American Samoa in a few hours. The children, the husband have already left.I’m sitting alone in this big, empty house and I am all of a sudden overwhelmed with a feeling of sadness. Why do I feel heartbroken, all of a sudden? I was not anticipating this. In fact, I have been chipper and smiling for weeks waiting for this day to arrive. Yet I’m caught off guard that this feels more bitter than sweet. A very significant and eventful chapter of my life is drawing to a close, and I am all up in my feels about it.
Deep sigh.
It’s been almost a decade of my life spent here. I came here, knowing not one person in this island.I was single, optimistic, and full of ambition and gumption, ready to change the world. And I leave with a family of hundreds of people, more skeptical about life, valuing inner peace more than ambition, but still with excess gumption to change the world. And most valuably I leave with pieces, fragments of so many good people who have sha…


The bubbling bowl of my emotions quivers On the verge of overflowing An intervention, a sudden reduction in fire Reduces the tension, causing a slight retraction As it gently relaxes. The warmth returns. And she softly rises again. Building again to a quivering state. The ricochet of thoughts Between mild and maddening Never quite erupting And yet never quite extinguishing.


P eace is a most liberating commodity. When silence