That brutally honest B

I had the following conversation today with my brutally honest masseuse:

B – (looking me up and down as I walked in) “Girl, are you gaining?”
Me – (Scowling in horror) “Yes, I am”
B – (Laughs) Oka oka!

As she’s massaging me we have the following chat:

B – Are you still walking?
Me – I’m trying to, I walked yesterday (ignoring that the fact that it was the first time in weeks)
B – (In disbelief) MmmHmm

As I’m leaving…

Me – Thanks B, see you next week!
B – Ok, love. Walk more!

Talk about shade!

I’m not mad about this because, I’m not above shade, lets be honest, I’m pretty fucking shady myself. Also, B is just that bitch that will tell you to your face what other bitches are saying behind your back, and also mirrors don’t lie.


Operation sober up and slim down, needs to start, like NOW!


jenn said…
I really really really reeeaaaaallllly need to get on this operation with you ��