5 words.

I’ve been thinking and stressing and overthinking about when and where to move my family. I have dissected every risk and cost and played out all the scenarios that could go wrong, and the potential costs if things don’t pan out.

I watched a Ted Talk last week (as you do) about fear setting and the one thing the guy said in the video that stuck with me is that we often analyze what could go wrong if we did something, but often we don’t break down the consequences of what could go wrong if didn’t do something. Ie. If I don’t make this move, what does my life look like 6 months, 1 year, 5 years from now? Let me tell you, that I find terrifying.

I've spent time looking back at points in my career when there were things going on around me that should have phased me, but they didn't mostly because I was willfully ignorant of them. I knew about them but I chose to disengage my thoughts from them and just focus on the work before me, and building myself. In fact I've realized that they bother me more looking back at them now then they ever did while they were happening simply because I didn't think or care about them back then. 

I've realized that sometimes you need to just have tunnel vision and focus solely on the possibility of things going right. Us playing out possible failure scenarios is our way of psyching ourselves out, and giving ourselves permission not to try or to give up, which in fact is playing into the biggest risk of all: status quo. Same old, same old. No better than this. That is pretty fucking bleak.

So for myself, to myself, I have just 5 words.

Stop thinking, just do it. 

Another 5 words.

Just fucking go for it.