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A definitive guide to soup in American Samoa

Just because, the weather’s been gloomy, the kids have been sick, and just because few thing bring me joy more than talking about food, I am posting this today – my definitive guide to soup in American Samoa.
Disclaimer: I’m not that good at making soup, I don’t even really like soup, so this guide is not really a guide, nor is it definitive. I just like to write nonsense reviews about my limited culinary exploits. I know, you're welcome. 
Best Soup: DDW’s Slammin’ Saimin. This is just the right mix of hearty, comforting, satisfying (don't those all mean the same thing?) and just plain delicious. The broth is flavorful but not overpowering, and they serve it with fat saimin noodles (don’t know the proper name) and generous lashings of char siu pork, terayaki chicken and deep fried shrimp. Now, I am partial to breakfast, so it should come as no surprise that I eat this soup at least twice a month (no joke) and its been absolutely devastating to call them the last 2 Saturdays and…


I made a life changing decision this week. I cried for days before I made and I haven't slept since I made it. Suffice to say, it was difficult to make, but I ultimately know it's the right decision. It's the strangest thing though, as the feelings subside (and we all know I have a ton of damn feelings), I feel like I've awoken from a long, deep slumber and I've just gasped and taken the first deep breath of fresh air that I have in a long time. 

Things I never noticed, people I didn't talk to, things I always wanted to do but put on the back burner. For instance, I've hated karaoke my entire life. Well, apparently I don't? Who knew. I cared about the 7s scores for the first time in a long time.  I've had real conversations with friends, not just the flippant hi-bye variety. I'd forgotten how good those felt.  I am writing again.  I suddenly have not just the time but the space in mind and soul for them. It's as though I'm remembering who…