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Dealing with Rejection

Rejection has been something of a theme in my recent past.
I strongly supported an idea that I cheered on and championed, only for it to be subsequently viciously and unceremoniously rejected.
I then spearheaded an opportunity that made fast progress, only to be abruptly rejected, after I had more or less popped the champagne that it was a done deal.
I have been fighting on my own and others behalf in a case where I simply feel the wrong thing is being done, and disagreement continues as we face the difficulty of being rejected by those whose responsibility it is to do the right thing by us.
The impact of these scenarios, has been to say the least, difficult. Or to be quite frank, it has been pure stinging devastation.
All the emotions of anger, sadness and indignation at life’s seeming cruelty have swept through my being repeatedly over the past few months.Those who have been tolerant enough to endure the purging of my emotions have continued to remind me that, “everything happens fo…