New Year notes

Why hello 2017! 

It's late but yesterday was my birthday, so technically my new year just started so my new year resolutions for my (ahem) 33rd year are to:
  1. To be more mindful with my family. To do homework without yelling. To do marriage with less yelling. 
  2. To take less bullshit, and to indulge more freely in the things that make me truly happy and fulfilled.
  3. To save money and remember that I enjoy financial freedom more than the latest whatever-I-don’t-need.
  4. To be clear on, and true to the vision for my life and career.  To write down the 5-year plan (again) and to do my best to not veer too far off course (again).
  5. To walk in faith, and remember that my plans may not always be His plans, but it will always work out. 
Wish me luck, and I wish you all luck too xo