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This week

This weeks trials One Sick daughter, the other one went to school.Sick husbandBeing sick but still having to workNo exerciseGave in to bad eating, pretty much every mealGot told I was fat by masseuse that I was paying $70 to make me feel better about myself.5 year old daughter giving me thirteen year old attitude during homework time, or tauloto time, or bedtime.1 year old is leaving damn wooden shapes everywhere. Slept on some last night.Washing machine is deadThis week has felt like it would never end!

This weeks wins Sick husband stayed home so he did all the school pick up and drop off dutySick husband stayed home with sick daughterFelt sick, but not sick enough to stay home with sick husband and daughter.No exercise!Ate what I wantedHad amazing massage. Felt better.5 year old is doing homework, learning tauloto and going to bed on time.1 year old is learning her shapes and colors. Her favorites are “Triangle” and “Purple”Can finally get energy efficient washing machine.This week end…

Pageant Season

It’s that time of year again, when ladies are on display for the judgment of the entire nation, vying for the burden opportunity to be scrutinized honored as a national ambassador for youth, women, and the nation for the next year. Ah yes, it’s hunting pageant season.
It’s a little unsettling, this notion that women need to parade before a group of “judges” to be graded like cattle assessed as the next national flag bearer. And it’s even more unsettling how appealing this is to our society today, in 2016, where women not only have the vote, they become the President. (#ImWithHer)And what's probably most unsettling, is that people not only engage in it, they almost relish the chance to pick apart someone else’s well intentioned efforts.
Why are we so engrossed with pageants? And why is so satisfying to cast our eyes and cast our judgments over women, in pageants, like it were sport?
If you think about it, at their core, Pageants are/ have become like spectator sport.There is an el…