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Random life updates

It’s been 2 months since returning from a most epic trip in Europe with my family, and, thankfully, the tempers and egos were kept relatively in check on this trip, and we had a ton of fun! I can definitely say that travelling for something other than a fa’alavelave, or work, is totally worth it.  Travelling for the sake of just seeing the world, and enjoying new experiences with your family.  It’s really one of those things that you need to not overthink, and just do it.
Too often we say of travel for leisure, I can’t afford that, and yet, when your father calls you regarding the funeral of your distant relative from your Grandfather’s second wife’s daughter’s neighbor’s pastor’s adopted son, we manage to make an extra $1000 appear (hopefully) without having to sell an organ or a child.I’m just saying.
It goes to say that your thoughts create your reality. If it’s important enough, you will make it happen. Or as Anthony Robbins puts it, “Where focus goes, energy flows.”
My kids ar…